Our Story

On a mission for you to feel the most comfortable & confident.

Ballia was started out of a genuine discovery of what self love really is; it can truly change how you feel inside and out.

While there are many ways to practice self love, we want to help inspire that practice in your daily routine. We're here to support your whole well-being, because that is when you truly exude comfort and confidence. 

Creating naturally derived, high quality products; thoughtfully formulated.

Taking care of your skin is truly a form of self love. We are creating high quality skin care for your entire body. Bikini oil is the first step in our mission to inspire daily self care moments.

Knowing the frustration and discomfort of ingrown hairs, we set out to design an effective formula with gentle, non toxic ingredients. Bikini oil is 100% naturally derived, and cruelty free.

Bikini oil is the step you didn't know was missing from your body care routine. We hope you take a little extra time today for you!

Start your self love moment